La France au Mexique!

This collection, which takes its name from a small village known as the Mexican town in France, is a nod to the mixture of influences between both countries. It is inspired by the French outdoor chairs found in parks and cafes, combined with the cheerful color and craftsmanship of Mexico.

French elegance and Mexican color

Practical, adaptable and cheerful pieces, perfect for a kitchen with a lot of personality, bring color to a bar, patio or garden.


This collection is designed in 6 attractive color combinations.

1. Pintura Electroestática Rosa Cálido
2. Pintura Electroestática Niebla
3. Pintura Electroestática Gris Piedra
4. Pintura Electroestática Indigo
5. Pintura Electroestática Mostaza
6. Pintura Electroestática Olivo
7. PVC Rosa Palo
8. PVC Blanco
9. PVC Gris Claro
10. PVC Azul Pastel
11. PVC Vainilla
12. PVC Bosque

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in this collection:

Barcelonette Dining Chair
Barcelonette Counter Stool
Barcelonette Bar Stool
Barcelonette Square Dining Table

Designed by

Mermelada Estudio

Mermelada is an industrial design studio founded by Laura Blasco, Juanmi Juárez and Alex Estévez. The trio met in Barcelona after years of training at Design Schools in Spain, England and Italy, and embarked on a creative journey brough together by to their common aim of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Their work has been described as a mix of wit and poetry.

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