A corner to contemplate

Inspired by the shape of a nest, Todos Santos is woven in natural palm fiber or synthetic fiber, allowing us to bring warmth and a relaxed vibe to the environment.

A chair that feels like home.

Ideal for open spaces such as a balcony or a terrace, on the beach, or with a mountain view.

Comfortable and versatile pieces.


Choose between natural palm or synthetic palm, with 2 color options for the frame.

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Todos Santos Lounge Chair
Todos Santos Love Seat

Designed by

MEXA Diseño

Marco Betancourt and Sofía Gascón started designing together for their own home, and before they knew it, Mexa was born. With an academic background in architecture and design respectively, their work is the result of their love for Mexican culture, the arts and the world of design, added to the technical and practical knowledge obtained by working in the workshop with the artisans.

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