A vision that lives on

This colection is born from a study of historical value carried out by Mexa and supported by the Clara Porset Archive at UNAM. With a special focus on the outdoor pieces, starting from little more than a few sketches, blueprints and original photographs we developed these pieces, with a design and aesthetic that is as current now as at the time of its conception...

Honoring Clara by sharing her legacy

This selection of 3 pieces that complement each other, works together or as separate pieces, twinned by their type of construction and their simple aesthetic of frank silhouettes, so characteristic of their designer.


Choose the weaving material you prefer on a black frame.

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in this collection:

Porset Silla Dining
Porset Sillón Lounge
Porset Silla Alta

Designed by

Clara Porset Dumas

Revered as one of the greatest Latin American designers of the 20th century,
Clara Porset is central to understanding the origin, development and current nature of Mexican design.

She studied architecture and design in Paris, receiving great influence from the Bauhaus masters, later continuing her studies in the United States. Most of her career as a designer was spent in Mexico where she designed furniture for projects by renowned architects such as Luis Barragán and Mario Pani among others.

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