Mexa Classics

Keeping it vintage, making it cool.

Our selection of revised Mexican designs is a tribute to the pieces that were made over and over again since the fifties, as if they were being designed by the collective soul of our people, and have now become timeless classics.

Each one of the pieces of this collection is carefully constructed to last, with special regard for dimensions and materials that fit todays way of living, while preserving the casual and vital feel of the originals, making them just right for modern life.

1730 by Mermelada Estudio

Taking an icon to the next level

1730 stands for the date that the first Windsor chair was ever produced on American soil. This British typology was well received, readapted and internalized in American popular culture, to the point of becoming a traditional iconic chair.

1730 is a furniture collection that blends American tradition, Mexican craftsmanship and Spanish design. From this mixture results a broad, energic collection, composed of seating items and tables, available in several finishes that make it suitable for the outdoor or indoor. The ironwork and weave is all hand crafted by Mexican artisans

Todos Santos by Marco Betancourt & Sofía Gascón

Lie back on heaven

A nest inspired this collection, cozy and intimate. Woven in natural palm fiber, on a sleek but sturdy frame, the Todos Santos lounge chair and loveseat provide a laid-back vibe to any environment.

Rosarito by Marco Betancourt & Sofía Gascón

Simpleness has never been so vibrant.

The Rosarito is inspired by the uncomplicated, breezy life at the beach town of its name.
A light frame and woven seat compliment each other with straight lines.
Designed in natural palm fiber, and also available in leather, this stool brings the cool calm of a day on a quiet beach to any room.

Barcelonette by Mermelada Estudio

La France au Mexique!

Named after a small village known as the Mexican town in France, this collection is a nod to the mix of influences between both countries. It is based on the elegance of the outdoor French chairs found in parks and cafes, combined with the joyful color and craftmanship of Mexico.

California by Amigo Modern

In this collaboration with California based studio Amigo Modern, we seek to take advantage of the rich cultural exchange between Mexico and California, to design a collection that, in its aesthetics, speaks English and Spanish.